MTI GOLD PASS – 12 Course Bundle

$1,299.00 $347.00

Get all access to 12 of the top MTI courses from Tom Scarrella.



Get all access to 11 of the top MTI courses from Tom Scarrella.

Includes lifetime access to these 11 courses:

  1. Signs, Wonders & Miracles – Healing and Deliverance Ministry
  2. Prophetic School And Hearing The Voice of God
  3. Ministry Essentials – How to Start a Successful Ministry
  4. School of the Supernatural – Dream Interpretation
  5. The Anointing & Gifts of the Holy Spirit – Minister in Power
  6. Prayer and Evangelism – Impacting Nations & Hurting People
  7. Spiritual Sonship and End Times Truths Eschatology
  8. Kingdom Finance & Multiple Streams of Income
  9. Revival Church History and Discipleship
  10. Righteous Prosperity
  11. Start Your Traveling Ministry – Itinerant and Evangelistic
  12. Hearing God’s Voice – Tongues & Interpretation


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