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The Anointing & Gifts of the Holy Spirit Course is a power packed course that was originally in a correspondence  type of bible school. Now with Udemy, MTI has converted their classes into a video format, and this course – The Anointing will take you to new heights and new revelation unlike anything you’ve witnessed before!

This course will really break down the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and how they function and how you can learn to flow in the Gifts of the Spirit. It will also really impart a fresh anointing that will show you how to understand revival and how it stirs an anointing that grows and flows with people, and this course will show you how to step into spiritual realms that you’ve never partaken of before!

Course Objective:

Develop a Biblical understanding of the power and importance of the Anointing and the Gifts of the Spirit in the life of the believer. Acquire an understanding of the differences of the Gifts of the Spirit, as well as their individual function and operation.

Theses lessons have helped thousands all over the world begin to flow in the Anointing and see revivals erupt as well as learning how to partake of the Gifts of the Spirit in your daily life.

The GIFTS of the SPIRIT part of this course will teach students how to step into gifts of the Spirit that they’ve never ventured into and how to fully function in the gifts that are almost second nature to them.


• Gifts of the Spirit

• Gifts of Power

• Vocal Gifts

• Revelation Gifts

• How to Minister the Anointing

• Don’t Hinder the Anointing

• The Anointing is Like Electricity

About this course:

  • Thousands of happy students
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Ministry Training Institute is a video school that gives you all the practical and revelation knowledge that is needed for you to get started in full time ministry or just getting to know the Lord Jesus in a greater light.