Hearing God’s Voice – Tongues and Interpretation

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HEARING GOD’S VOICE: TONGUES & INTERPRETATION will prepare students for the walking in the Spirit. Students will learn how to hear from the Holy Spirit and know how His voice sounds and flows in their lives. God’s voice was a normal part of the Kingdom of God and should be for us all too. 

The training offered in this course is life changing, covering subjects such as Tongues and Interpretation and How to Hear the Voice of God.

Students will learn how the early church could accurately hear God’s voice and why there is so much teaching in Corinthians about tongues and interpretation.

The subject of God’s voice is such an important and critical one that people have no idea how prophets and prophetic people could hear God’s voice so quickly and clearly, but this will be an exciting journey into hearing God’s voice.


• New Creation with a New Language

• Praying in the Spirit

• Praying with the Understanding

• How to stretch your faith in your prayer language

• Prophesy in part 

• Prophesy in proportion to your faith

• Prophetic Nuggets

• Honoring God’s Voice

• Treasure God’s Voice

• Bonus Material 

About this course:

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